WellBeing Week 2023: Day Seven

Day 7: Self-care in the workplace

Self-care is an essential part of maintaining overall wellbeing, and it is important to prioritize self-care in the workplace as well. By taking care of ourselves, we are better able to handle the demands of work and life, and we are more likely to be productive, healthy, and happy.

One key strategy for practicing self-care in the workplace is managing stress. This can involve finding ways to reduce stressors in your work environment, such as by setting boundaries or delegating tasks when necessary. It can also be helpful to practice stress-reduction techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, or exercise.

Setting boundaries is another important aspect of self-care in the workplace. This can include setting limits on the amount of time you spend working, as well as setting boundaries around when and how you are available for work-related communication. It is important to recognize that it is not healthy or sustainable to be “on” all the time, and setting boundaries can help you to avoid burnout.

Finding time for relaxation and rejuvenation is also essential for self-care in the workplace. This can involve taking breaks throughout the day to step away from work and engage in activities that help you to relax and recharge, such as going for a walk, reading a book, or engaging in a hobby. It is also important to make time for leisure activities outside of work in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Mental health resources and support can also play a role in self-care in the workplace. This can include things like access to counseling services or employee assistance programs, as well as support from colleagues and supervisors. It is important for both individuals and organizations to prioritize mental health and to make sure that resources and support are available to those who need them.


Hopefully, this WellBeing Week 2023 series has given you some ideas on how to improve your WellBeing at work, and the WellBeing of your employees. How about start making plans now on how your team will engage with WellBeing Week in 2024.

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