17th Love

2nd Faith

9th Lust

18th Fear

Zero Sympathy

1st Despair

Welcome to the puzzle, the first six clues are above, the prize is £5000.

There are seven answers in total, each comprising of three components. The answer to each component is made up of a person, a location and a date.

To win the prize, you need only provide the person and location of the seventh question. Whilst the seventh question may not have been asked, the answer can be resolved by knowing enough of the other answers, think of plotting a location in a three dimensional space.

Don’t get all emotional, it could be a distraction.

It is worth noting, the original run of the puzzle started in 1991 and finished in 1993.

But the extended version ran during 1995 and 1996.

No more help will be given, but other clues are around, but not here.

To date one person has managed to correctly answer two of the questions.