What is Quidco?

Quidco, is one of the most popular cashback websites in the UK.

What is a cashback website?

Cashback websites are a brilliant way for you to save money. They work by offering a discount with a wide range of online retailers. Let us say that you’ve seen a great Groupon offer, it’s £100 but it’s worth it. Well before you spend that money, pop along to Quidco.

At the time of writing, Quidco are offering 15% cashback on purchases from Groupon. So you would goto the Quidco website, find Groupon and click on the link which will take you to the Groupon website. You then make your purchase. Now for the magical bit. Quidco track your purchase, and once it has been confirmed (this can take sometime and varies from retailer to retailer) they will credit your account with 15% cashback, so in this case £15.

There are many retailers that give discounts via Quidco, such as Ebay, Argos, BT, British Gas etc..

If you are changing your utility provider, renewing insurance, buying a new mobile phone, then you could get huge amounts of cashback, in some rare cases when a flat rate of cashback is offer you can get more back than you spend. When renewing my buildings insurance I made £47 more than I paid for the insurance!

Quidco say that the average user earns around £300 per year, which is pretty good, but if you check every purchase you make, you will find that you can easily earn much more just by buying the things you were going to buy anyway.

In one of my former jobs I used to be in charge of making purchases and booking hotel rooms. By using Quidco to do that I boosted my income by over £1,000 per year, again just for buying what they were going to buy anyway.

So don’t miss out, click the Quidco link today and start saving!

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