pick my postcode

So, just what is Pick My Postcode?

Pick My Postcode, is a free to enter daily lottery draw. To join in you simply register with the site by supplying your postcode and an e-mail address.

Then visit the Pick My Postcode website every day to see if you have won. If you have there will be a big claim button next to your postcode.

How can they just give money away for free?

Fairly simply actually, the advertisements on the website cover the costs of the prizes.

There are a number of different draws on the website.

  • Main draw – £500 per day, which rolls over if unclaimed.
  • Video draw – £100 per day, which rolls over if unclaimed, you do have to watch a video to reveal the winning postcode.
  • Survey draw – £50 per day, which rolls over if unclaimed. There is a survey but you don’t have to do it.
  • Stackpot draw – This is drawn twice a day, for £10, five new winners are added each time it is drawn, any unclaimed prizes are redrawn.
  • Bonus draw – When you check the Main, Video and Survey draw each day you earn bonus money. The bonus draw is only for people who have earned certain amounts of bonus money.
  • Flash Fiver – This is an advert on the site, if you see it and click it you win £5.

The bonus money that you earn on Pick My Postcode is added to any winnings that you win. So if you have £20 in your bonus pot, and win £10, you will actually win £30, and your bonus doesn’t reset, you still have it for if you win again. At the time of writing, the person with the biggest bonus pot is over £500, so even if they only win £10 they will really get over £500.

You can help to increase your bonus quicker by taking up various offers that are on the Pick My Postcode website, but only ever take up an offer for something that you wanted anyway.

The Stackpot draw is carried out at 9am and 9pm, whilst the other draws are carried out at 12 noon. So you may need to check the site more than once per day, I check once after noon and once after 9pm. There is also a hidden draw at the bottom of the website for £100 which can be seen between 6pm and midnight.

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