Murder at Hogwarts

Episode 3 – Murder on the Hogwarts Express

Firstly, thank you to all those that came along to the Murder at Hogwarts murder mystery night at The Twisted Tree recently, it was great to see you all and I loved the outfits, I’ll never get over the owl!

In Murder on the Hogwarts Express, the year is 1971, and the students have just arrived at Hogwarts, been sorted into their houses and enjoyed the Welcome Feast. The new intake of students includes some famous names such as James Potter, Remus Lupin and Severus Snape.

After the feast, everyone is returning to their rooms when a flustered looking Professor Slughorn dashes up to Slytherin Quidditch Captain Steve Laughalot and asks him to take the students to a safe place.

With no idea what has happened, the students all try and settle in, have a chat and get to know each other. After a while there is an owl delivery of the Daily Prophet, grave news, Tami Lynn who operates the sweet trolley on the Hogwarts Express has been found murdered, with a pickaxe in her back.

It turns out that Miss Lynn is a Muggle, who has gained access to magic that helps keep her young. A murder on a train, how unoriginal, sounds very much like Murder on the Orient Express, which of course was the idea, with many characters in the murder mystery taking their name from the book, a red herring. However, did you know that Murder on the Orient Express was also released under the name Murder on the Calais Coach, firmly pointing the finger at those students who travelled in the Calais car on the Hogwarts Express.

If you paid attention to the Daily Prophet you will have seen mention of foreign John speaking Gobbledegook. Any Harry Potter fan should know that Gobbledegook is the name of the Goblin language, and the only word we know in Gobbledegook is Bladvak, which means Pickaxe. A very early indication that Ivan Bladvak is the murderer, especially as Ivan is the Russain version of John.

We later get an update from the Ministry of Magic, giving details of the investigation into Miss Lynn’s murder. One of those details includes that she had written, in her own blood, the word “hawi”, perhaps as a way of identifying her killer? Well, that doesn’t seem to be much help until we also see that she was found facing a mirror, so perhaps she was writing iwah, which in Cyrillic languages would be Ivan.

In total, over fifty different clues pointed to Ivan Bladvak, although the ones above were the most damning, there were also a range clues which cleared other people, i.e. knowing which cabin on the train they were in, and if they left the cabin.

As well as the murder, there were other mysteries to solve, Roise Marmalade had stolen the Sword of Curved Air, which on the night she used to kill Rose De Los Rios, to earn a place on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. Maggie May was trying to take over the Ravenclaw captaincy from Flint McGuinness, Tom Jones had no magical powers but was being helped by his siblings to cover this up. The Collins twins had stolen an invisibility cloak and there was also the hidden theme, which was over 200 references to the music of 1971, with characters, events and items named after singers and songs from that year, as well as lyrics used in many of the character biographies.

Hopefully everyone who attended had a good time, if you did, why not book into The Twisted Tree for New Year’s Eve for the Titanic murder mystery night. If you require a bespoke written murder mystery or quiz night, then feel free to get in touch.

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