Ice Ice Baby

MyIce is a nice little scheme that allows you to earns points just for using your credit card.

Now first off, let us talk about credit cards. Don’t use them. They are an easy way for people to build up debts that they are unable to pay off.

Now secondly, let us talk about some benefits of credit cards. If you find yourself in a tricky situation and short of cash, they can help to cover cost, and you do get purchase protection. They are generally cheaper than short term small amount loans. You can use them to move debts and avoid paying interest (more on that some other time), and via the same method you can earn a fairly passive income on them.

One big plus for some credit cards is that you can get cash back on purchases, usually between 1% and sometimes as high as 5%. This is great as long as you ALWAYS pay off the card in full each month.

So going back to MyIce, this is a scheme that awards you points for using your Mastercard. So if you are planning on using your Mastercard anyway, then joining MyIce makes perfect sense.

You can use those points to make purchases, so it really is a way of saving money, and we should all try and save money. You earn points at a wide range of places, from utility companies, pub and food chains, bus and train companies, travel agents and much more.

It really is a great simple way to save yourself some extra cash without actually doing anything other than registering. So do it!

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