Grid Online

Grid Online is a game currently in development, which takes a lot of its influence from the game Anarchy Online. Here we take a look at some of the most FAQs about Grid Online.

What kind of game is Grid Online?

Grid Online is a third-person sci-fi MMORPG with tab-targeting.

Zooming the camera in and out of your character (or going entirely first-person) is possible, however, the game is not tailored to a first-person experience. We’re all about options. There’s not one right way to do things and settings-customisation is often key!

Where does the game take place? What’s the story?

Our story takes place on a goldilocks planet in a distant solar system where conflict is driven by a rare resource called Axion (mined from Axionite) that holds significant power as the primary source that drives the Grid.

Are there factions?

Yes. There are 3 unique playable factions of which 1 is considered neutral. They are all fully-fledged and viable with starting areas, cities, etc.

  • Exo Corp is a large corporation that mines the Axionite.
  • Colonists are the original settlers that split away from the oppressive Exo Corp.
  • Axion created and maintains the Grid and holds a neutral position between Exo Corp and the Colonists.

The neutral faction (Axion) is in fact a fully-fledged faction, with all the specific features you’d expect. It is most definitely anything but an afterthought. For example, Colonists, Axion and Exo Corp each have unique professions, available only for members of that specific faction.

For players who decide they want to change their faction allegiance, swapping factions is a game mechanic, but not something to be taken lightly. Faction-specific professions won’t be able to swap, while other professions have the ability to do so.

Are there classes?

Yes. Every player chooses a profession. The profession is a big part of your identity and determines your play style, proficiencies and more.

Are there playable races?

Yes. Every player chooses their origin. which helps determine proficiencies and more.

What kind of weapons are there?

There will be ranged and melee (which was not originally planned) weapons that focus on energy damage as well as a wide variety of Grid programs and other abilities.

Are there tradeskills?

Yes. There is a big focus on tradeskills and player economy. Many services can only be provided by players.

How do you progress throughout Grid Online?

Grid Online offers the player with a choice on how to level up your character. You can level up through a variety of different mission types such as procedural world and interiour missions, story missions as well as old school hunting (sw pipe 😏 and if you don’t know how to get thereā€¦ run from Harry’s).

What does the combat look like?

There is a big focus on speccing your character through Attributes and spending IP in addition to intricate itemisation. Players use tab-targeting combat with auto-attack and a big focus on the use of abilities.

We agree that older MMO’s with tab targeting are too slow paced and don’t fit in this time and age. GO is faster paced; for example we like running and gunning, but certain things shouldn’t be done on the move. These are all things we’re looking to balance and make fun, and surely will be something you’ll help us test and balance in the future.

Will there be pets?

Yes. A number of professions rely on the use of pets such as drones, robots and beasts.

Are you still using Unity?

No. Having completed a lot of research and developing Grid Online in Unity, we continued to run into a lot of roadblocks and concerns for Unity’s future. Looking to the future of Grid Online, we found that the Unreal Engine provides a far better foundation for a modern and future-proof MMORPG.

Are you using Unreal’s Lumen and Nanite technology?

Yes. We are building Grid Online with our eye on the future of modern gaming and aim to use the Unreal Engine to its full potential.

How far along is the project?

For the past 12 months, Grid Online has been in active, full-time development using the Unreal Engine. There is a long but exciting road still ahead and we will share more information when we can.

Anything else you’d like to share?

The Grid is a huge part of Grid Online. It is neutral ground used for travel and hacking (through mini-games like puzzles and grid combat). One of our favourite professions is the Grid Runner, which specialises in Grid technology similar to Anarchy Online’s Fixer.

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