Small Business Solutions

Well hello there my little cherub, how the devil are you today? Thanks for popping along.

So what is happening here then, what is this nonsense all about? Well I offer a wide range of services for small businesses, lots of little things that I can perhaps help you out with, such as:

  • Web Presence (Including a website)
  • Social Media management, marketing and customer service
  • Process Improvement
  • External Auditing
  • Business Reviews
  • Admin and Back Office Support
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Freight and Transport requirements
  • Recruiting

and much more. Nowadays most people in Castleford know of me for the work I do with The Twisted Tree, but I also assist a lot of other local businesses in a wide range of fields such as restaurants, cafe’s, utilities, plumbers, hairdressers, beauticians, exporters, dog walkers, builders, publicans.

Wayne Rockett - Growth
Wayne Rockett = Growth

So, how much do I charge for these services?

Nothing, all my services are offered free of charge if you are based in the WF10 postcode area. My interest is simply in helping the people of Castleford.

Yep, a big fat zero cost. Interested in knowing more, then feel free to drop me a text on 07722 588 724 and I’ll give you a call and see how I can help you and your business.